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  1. I am from sweden but I have microphone and I can talk english so dont worry How do I join you specificly? I dont know what your name is and that... my skype is sopaj96 add me for easier contact. Do you play zombies?
  2. Hello, I just got all maps and stuff for Bo2 zombies (not nuketown though) and I really want to play with some people and try to get as far as possible I am good on call of duty, and zombies, I have not played the new maps yet so I dont know every secret and stuff but it wont take long before I learn My LiNK name is Blu3n0va - I have microphone, hopefully you got one aswell Skype: sopaj96 Add me on skype so we can talk when to play and such, hope to see some guys wanting to play with me
  3. hmm, thats sad :/ Well you can apperently add people as friends on link.jgq360.com :S
  4. Are there any friends list and such on LiNK on FSD V3? Or are therea any alternative programs instead of LiNK or combined with it to get friends list?
  5. Shit, I though this was posted today sry xD
  6. Just go to content---> Add path---> Hdd1(internal drive)----> 000000000000 idk how many 0 ----> CODE9999 something like that, almost last folder... Press A until you see xexmenu and there use that directory... Now it should be in Homebrews with a nice Coverart too
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