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  1. Nice ! That would be freaking awsome : WAoW ^^
  2. Ah oki all right then, as it had the same tricks and load times ^^
  3. WOW, just red this RIGHT now (coz my topic was moved in right place ) and didn't meant to hurt anyone ! AWSOME, AMAZING& NICE KAMEHAME Well, i knew it'll be "NO", worth to ask ! Just hoped one day that your googlecode page would be updated with FSD3 and that it could become OPEN just like "OPEN WiiFLOW" source-code on Wii, from which you've taken and recycled their CoverFlow code Well thanks for the clear answer.
  4. Hi there ! First, thank for your awsome progress in FSD - 1/2/3 coding Then, i'm interested in having the FSD3 source-code (FSD Main + Freestyle-Plugin...). Could you send or updtae it over googlecode (as for FSD2.1 src...). It would be nice, if possible (legal issues...), to have ALL the Bulk of it. Yet, a Build/compile-able project of FSD3 on VC++ 2008/2010 would be very nice Hope to hear from you, and long life to RMS & Hombrews Thanks.
  5. @ gamemockers: Good idea to bring such ideas to FSDTeam It's true that there are a bunch of xbox1 titles with sysLink mode... @ FSDTeam: It would be nice to MERGE the : FTP + HTTP + WebUI in ONE Web interface or dedicated application ! Thanks a lot.
  6. Very Very Impressive job guys O_O I really love the fast rooms acces & switch So Huge thanks for sharing your work with fans like U... We're all waiting for the 1st stable release ! PS: 1) It would be nice to give the MultiLink gaming Communities (like www.xLan360.fr) through FSD3, the possibility to use their own databse-server (instead JQE360). The aim of this is only to use a powerful private server for saving personnel data like scores/ranks/... 2) Nice to play with the XBSLink gamers who want to absolutely stay on it... For people complainig about bugs & things: Do not forget this is a BETA, and that u have to put a copy of your Logs!
  7. WoW. This is amazing ! Is this just an integration of XBSLink code into FSD3 ? Or someting with more connectivity ? Thanks
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