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  1. [7/21/2023 11:00:24 AM]: System.Net.WebException: The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel. at System.Net.WebClient.OpenRead(Uri address) at System.Net.WebClient.OpenRead(String address) at AuroraAssetEditor.Classes.XboxAssetDownloader.GetTitleInfo(String keywords, XboxLocale locale) in C:\projects\auroraasseteditor\AuroraAssetEditor\Classes\XboxAssetDownloader.cs:line 41 at AuroraAssetEditor.Controls.OnlineAssetsControl.<.ctor>b__19_5(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs args) in C:\projects\auroraasseteditor\AuroraAssetEditor\Controls\OnlineAssetsControl.xaml.cs:line 108 I am getting this error, please help.
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