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  1. I reflashed with 8080 and used stock temp values and no more freezing even though its now hitting higher temps. It hitting 75 on dram before it would freeze around 63, that's why i originally thought it was heat related but its not. Would the fans running at a high speed alter voltages across the board and fix / mask the underlying issues that altering the power mode settings do. What does altering the power mode down by 200 effectively do to to the system and negateb freezing on falcons?
  2. Installed rgh3 on a Falcon, getting instant reliable boots, however I am getting random freezes unless I have fan override at 90% anything less and it will freeze anytime upto 15 minutes later at 90% it Will work OK. I am waiting on xclamp removal tool and mx-4 paste. Someone advised that in change the smc power from 8280 to 8080. Can I do this In the following way using j runner Load up my updflash from my original xebuild in load source, select glitch 2, rgh3 and 27mhz Change 8280 to 8080 using jrunner and save. as in attached picture Click create xebuild Flash the newly created updflash using xell and usb. Will this work and not damage the xell boot, or do I need to start again with with j runner and my original untouched dump??
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