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  1. This looks nice and the soundtrack is cool but for me pac-man is about tight controls. The controls are stiff, not always responsive and ruins the game for me - if these could be tightened then this would be a lovely indie addition to an RGH machine. The controls in Intensively Snake seem to be tighter than this.
  2. can someone help please? My rgh has stopped downloading art, it's there when I go to the game and try and download it and it says it's downloading but nothing. Livestrong is off in Dashlaunch. So I try to use Asset Editor for the game in question - Dead Rising 2 and it states, 'failed getting asset data... see error.log' Getting the same with Enslaved all games I've installed since Dead Rising 2. The error log states this System.Net.FtpClient.FtpCommandException: No such directory at System.Net.FtpClient.FtpClient.SetWorkingDirectory(String path) at AuroraAssetEditor.Classes.FtpOperations.NavigateToAssetDir(String assetName) in C:\projects\auroraasseteditor\AuroraAssetEditor\Classes\FTPOperations.cs:line 153 at AuroraAssetEditor.Classes.FtpOperations.GetAssetData(String file, String assetDir) in C:\projects\auroraasseteditor\AuroraAssetEditor\Classes\FTPOperations.cs:line 0 at AuroraAssetEditor.Classes.AuroraDbManager.ContentItem.GetBoxart() in C:\projects\auroraasseteditor\AuroraAssetEditor\Classes\AuroraDbManager.cs:line 92 at AuroraAssetEditor.Controls.FtpAssetsControl.<>c__DisplayClass14_0.<ProcessAsset>b__1(Object sender, DoWorkEventArgs args) in C:\projects\auroraasseteditor\AuroraAssetEditor\Controls\FtpAssetsControl.xaml.cs:line 129 I can use the asset editor on some other games. Is there a limit to the amount of folders there can be within the Aurora GameData folder? I've tried to create a folder based on the asset ID and get an error 82 on Aurora. I am working on something with XBLIG so have over 3000 of them on my RGH alone
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