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  1. Hello, I cannot find the database you are talking about, I prefer to edit the database to the TitleId of the Games, I think that if I modify the Id of the games this will affect the Id of the saved games.
  2. Hello, I want to download all the metadata and assets from the marketplace that are available in the marketplace, without having the games installed. I want to do this to have a backup of all the multimedia content in my region so I can install it offline from the import mode, I want to do this before they close the xbox 360 marketplace and there is no possibility of obtaining the descriptions, backgrounds, screenshots, the banners... I have tried with Aurora Asset Editor v1.3.3 but I can only download the images 1 by 1.
  3. Thank you very much for the help, in the end since I couldn't get the automatic disk change to work, I merged all the disks by editing the MusicDb2.db3 database with sqlstudio.
  4. Hello, I wanted to suggest that system link be enabled in unity for MotoGP 07 I have the game and I have seen that the game has the system link option, and I also wanted to suggest that system link be disabled for forza motorsport 3, I have seen that It is activated in unity, but the game does not have a system link
  5. Hello, is there any way to install the 5 Lips games so that they automatically change discs? I have tried to convert the iso to god and order them with iso2god in aurora the circles that show the disc number are shown but when they start it appears as disc 10, 11, 17... and they do not make the automatic change when selecting a dlc song from another disc I would appreciate any information
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