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  1. I see. Thanks for your comments.
  2. Currently if you press A in Aurora the game that is currently selected will launch. I want to change this behavior so that when I press A it shows me a close-up of the cover and game details, not launch the game. I'm aware that FSD is doing exactly that. However, it's no longer maintained or recommended. Also, I like other aspects of Aurora. I'm aware that I can press Y to do this. However, the button A is the "default", "main" button for me, so I would want the default action to be what I described. It is more natural for me to first get a close-up of the cover / see game details, installed updates, etc., and only then launch the game. Kinda like when you have games on your shelf, you pick one, have a look at the cover / back and only then decide if you want to play it or not. ATM, I keep launching games by accident because of this button configuration... Can I made this happen with the coverflow editor? If so, I'd appreciate a link (so I'm sure that I get the correct file) and any tips about how to remap those buttons. Thanks.
  3. I'm new to XBOX360 modding and I was wondering if it were possible to change/remap button actions in Aurora. Specifically, I would like to see game details (and a close-up of the cover) when I press A rather than launch the game directly with A. Perhaps then use Y to launch the game directly instead. So, basically swap A and Y button action. Is this possible and if so what would be the easiest way to achieve this? Many thanks to this entire community for keeping the 360 scene alive.
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