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  1. hahaa.. U are true.. both is corrupt NAND.. i'm just take 2 "best" Nand, because very dificult succesfully read Nand sequentially.. many times failed read Nand until 100%.. but this corrupt Nand succesfully to RGH3, and my console running well.. then succes tuning Temperature via Dashlaunch, all Target Temp 70 Celcius.. im still down Target Temp, because many times i read CpU/GPU too heat causing most RROD.. i know longetivity my Fan became short, because its work more extra..
  2. i think default Temp is too hot, i'm not comfort.. im just down temperature little bit.. nanddump1.bin nanddump2.bin
  3. i get error warning when editing SMC on Corona v1/v2 4GB .. another my Slim S (Trinity) & Slim E(Corona v6) works well when edit SMC.. choose "Continue" takes me SMC editor, press "Save Config" but can't saving.. im just want change temperature..
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