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  1. Correct, I just call it a GoD because it's easier for people to understand. I packed it using the SDK XLive as a game demo, just the same as XEXMenu was made 10s of years ago. I use the stock Dashboard, because my Stealth allows me to download title updates from Xbox Live which is much superior to Aurora's so I figured the best solution, was just make it myself. I have already packed the file into the content folder, it just needs to be dropped into a USB. Usually when I release something online, I try to make it as simple as possible for people. edit; apologies, you are welcome! the ID is named in t-9 how I typically pack files, DASHLAUNCH = 32745286xx (limited to 8 characters) because I am old school like that lol. Think, typing on a old flip phone! Lastly, I don't believe the original author's upload worked anyways. There is a lot of people saying thank you (including me originally as you can see), but in my experience, we were the only 2 to actually try it out which led me to making this version instead.
  2. edit 2; this just doesn't work at all, so I made my own. Anyone is free to use it, shows as a native title in the regular Xbox Dashboard. DashLaunch GoD (runs on stock Xbox Dashboard) : 360hacks (reddit.com) edit; this is just the xex file..? How to use this as a GOD format? It doesn't appear in the list and doesn't seem any different from the regular version. Same thing with your XEX Menu Lite, it as well doesn't work for me and these are the only 2 apps I've had a problem with. THANK YOU SO MUCH<3 I have been looking for this for, forever now.
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