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  1. Hey, thanks for great work. Could you mention which features requires new kernel? I'm on 16197, dashlaunch 3.04. Instaled with no problems at all. And seems every features working correctly. Just minor glitch while enabling kinect controls it crashed straight away, but i think its because my sensor was disabled in NXE.
  2. Hey, provide more info. What doesn't work? You cant see hosted sessions, lobby, rooms or what?
  3. What console you have? Slim with corona mobo? Green lights blinking and then stops? Xell boots without video for theese consoles. Try using webui, just go to "http://YourXboxIp" there you can dump your nand and see cpu/dvd key. That was my case.
  4. Dammit google! Search for Swizzy's app gave me lot of fine apps by Swizzy, but not the right one. Thanks JPizzle, this app worked for me, nand dump sucsessful.Is it fair to say that this flasher dont support corona?
  5. Mine is corona 250gb and by swizzy app you mean nandMMC? Sorry i'm a noob in this area, but i'm quick learner
  6. Hello, does this tool supports slims with rgh2? It gives me error with nand not found or unsupported nand. nandflasher.log: Error: No NAND found or unsupported NAND type! ERROR: No Nand found or unsupported Nand-Typ! NAND Flasher 360 for XBOX v1.2.0 by trancy (modcontrol.com) Error: No NAND found or unsupported NAND type! *** Error: An error has occurred ***
  7. Test your F3 plugin (in settings) and it should say if devlink disabled or not.
  8. By DS you mean dashlaunch? No, my setup works fine w/o unloading anything. i'm on 3.04 dashlaunch.
  9. Try COD BO2, its most popular right now.
  10. You must configure port forward manually. I agree with that. In eaxample maybe others playing single player game while are joined some room. Yesterday i checked LINK activity, joined room. But then decided to go SP, and while i was playimg messages where poping up "Player joined room". So it seems i was counted in that room too Is there possibility to leave joined room?
  11. Hey,turn of UPNP in F3 plugin! Because you manualy configuring your port forward and now i think F3 tryes to UNPN your rooter ( i know, its sounds strange ) And cant tell from pictures, do you using port range forward? Use single port forward. And like @Pelcu said, one rule for data port and one for brodcast port. Good luck. Edit: Damn! Looks like its not the case. Just tryed it, and no matter if cheked UPNP or not i get all pass. Router side UPNP service is turned off. So try the second part from my post, maybe it would help. ↑↑↑
  12. If your rooter does not support UPNP you always can configure port forwarding manualy. If u dont know how, use google, i saw there is video tutorial for your router.Regarding UPNP, my router supports it but i still use manual configuration, because u never know when u get some malicious progs, that open 'doors' for other his friends to come in to your network And imho, upnp still bugy in this beta release, it didnt work for me in the first place, so i didnt bothered any more
  13. Router prefered, but sure you could connect your x-box directly to your ISP with all open ports. I'd say:Wan port: 3071~3071 LAN port: 3071 And i asume *.*.*.65 is your xbox ip. This setup will be for data port configurations, so u need another just like this for brodcast port, just change ports to 3072. LINK supports system link enabled games, here is great resource of which game supports SL
  14. My dd-wrt works fine with 'both' settings. I get all pass on xbox.
  15. No pc needed. Whole guide how to set up is in the first post.
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