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  1. ThX My personal favorite about the themes is dash. .-. Now, how can i close this topic?
  2. Well, so i´ve dowloaded some themes and now I dont know how to put it inmy console. Haha. If someone can help me to put an enable they. I´ll be very happy This are the Themes / skins. IDK how they are called Dash_Spanish.xzp Default_con_Avatar.xzp Tema_transparente_Sin_avatar.xzp Tema_transparente.xzp Call_of_duty_II.xzp Dark_Theme_sin_avatar.xzp Dark_theme.xzp
  3. Something equal has happened to me! - well that isn´t good or fine. The solution that I have do is to reinsstall aurora (delete and install) so you shouldn´t get problems I only can said you this: FFFFFFFFFFFF F FFFFFFF F F
  4. Well, that's true, but I've solved it, so thanks
  5. I have used the xexmwnu and that haven't help me only destroyed aurora so I have delete the carpet called aurora and I have reinstalled it. Tjets my solution
  6. I would like know how I can delete aurora, because when I changed the theme have blocked the menu,so I can get the last version without fear. Also I would like know if I can connect my xbox 360 to internet without it begins blocked again. Thanks for your help
  7. Do you know a tutorial or something similar that can help me? - A tutorial to download the xexmenu, a way to know if I have It or something that can help me?
  8. So I hope that exist a way to reset Aurora or delete it. The theme was marked by 69Davimz and Idk how enter to the menu or access to the file explorer. Please help me
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