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  1. What brand tv? I had the same issue with my Sony, I set the wide mode to full and then display area to "full pixel" and it gives a full view now with no edges cut off.
  2. Ok looks like I got that issue sorted out^ Thanks Jpizzle. Now I keep hearing about a multi disc plugin, where can one find that or is it a setting I can turn enable in dashlaunch?
  3. Ok i think I did that, that is hitting rb and then selecting the ini file location correct?
  4. first post pardon the noobness, I just ftp(d) fs3 on my 360 had/still have 2.2 on my ihdd, I went into dashlaunch and changed the default to the fs3 default.xex path however anytime I shutdown my console and boot back up it always goes back to 2.2. I didnt want to remove 2.2 until I knew I would launch into fs3 everytime. I have already set my file paths and everything is working well in fs3 I jsut want to make sure I boot to it at each launch.
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