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  1. How can I access that database? When I try to copy it onto my desktop I get an error. Sorry... I'm a big newbie with this stuff.
  2. I like to have my games naming conventions standard. My F3 is but Aurora is a mess. A) How to make Aurora default How to manage my games effectively Thanks!!!
  3. The web gui is just effed up. It seems like after so many title changes, it just becomes unusable. I can't even use HTTP without my FSD crashing. Super frustrating.
  4. I have a folder named: /Game/ with all of the FSD3 stuff in it. Dashlaunch303.7z Data Media Plugins Skins Database ... etc Then I have: Hdd1/FreeStyle Dashlaunch303.7z Data Media Plugins Skins Database ... etc So what one can I delete , and why did this happen? I installed Dashlaunch when I used the installer.
  5. The game is CoD 4. Every other game can be renamed just fine. I've literally reinstalled FSD3 twice now, thinking it was just some flukey issue. Why is it doing this? I am having a lot of issues with FSD3 thus far... I'm sorting of getting the vibe that this was rushed. :S
  6. No, my HDMI ports are full on my TV. Could that be the issue?
  7. The last FSD 2.2 worked fine after install. I have changed my settings via Xbox official dash to 1080p, widescreen and it looks great there. When I go back onto 3.0, I have to use Overscan and it definitely does not look as crisp as it could and has. What gives here? I am using HD component cables, could that be an issue? My TV is set to FULL mode, so it's not overscanning natively on the TV itself.
  8. Everytime I push in my credentials, it just takes me back to the login page. Anyone here having the same issue or know why it's doing this?
  9. Is there an option to remove the previous version VIA the installation disk menu? Or do I have to FTP into my box and do it manually? :S
  10. Is it possible to run off a USB stick, or only CD? What is the ideal program for burning the .iso?
  11. I'm wondering if there are any tutorials to clearly explain how to do this upgrade? I really want to get 3.0 but I haven't the slightest idea how to do a fresh install. I don't mind wiping my database... I assume that by wiping my database that doesn't include game saves, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated...
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