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  1. Hi there, i am new to aurora too. I copied a lot of games via xbox360 content manager. Is there a way to download all dlc and TU in one batch for all installed games, and activate them all automaticly? Or have i to go through all games separatly and activate and download each tu and dlc step by step? thanks
  2. see attached log files 20190923205458.crash.log 20190923205458.crash.log.callstack debug.log
  3. under settings i changed the language from english to german currently I deleted the Databases folder (content.db,settigings.db) and started again What I didn't understand, why it is downloading all images again.
  4. Hi here, i playing around with aurora the first time and works good. I installed a lot of games, tried some TUs and it works great. But after I changed some settings, download some tu, and changing language to german (not sure if its the reason for hanging up) and after reboot, it hangs at startup with the message box (sorry now in german) and it says "Ein Ausnahme fehler ist aufgetreten" I have 3 options restart aurora, metro starting, try to continue. but it hangs (at search for tu) What can I do now? please help thanks
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