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  1. Xbox Original Modded Console. Custom Painted with Case Window and LEDs. Custom Painted Controller. RGB AV Cable. Power Cord. $160 USA Shipped. Cash App or PayPal Goods and Services Only
  2. Xbox Original Softmoding kit. $38 USA Shipped. Cash App or PayPal Goods and Services Only
  3. Sold.... Payment received. Reporting to be closed
  4. Xbox original modded launch console V1.0. Upgraded HDD. Clock capacitor removed. Power button installed on the back of the controller right side. Includes Power cable, AV cable, One controller. Frim $90 USA shipped. Cashapp or PayPal Goods and Services Only.
  5. As far as I know the permission thing the dude left a long time ago and he hasn't been back for many years so I highly doubt it and I'm 100% sure that texture mods on Xbox 360 Skyrim Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas do not work many have tried and failed if you want to texture mod Fallout or Skyrim you want to move on to the PS4 jailbreak
  6. No texture mods work on Skyrim or Fallout 3 NV for the Xbox 360
  7. Ok.... Good piece of History I did not know. thanks
  8. Who did the original JTAG hack. Also.... Who figured out the King Kong explicit
  9. Read the Nova readme down the page....it has Web UI like FSD had. http://phoenix.xboxunity.net/#/news
  10. As far as the Aurora downloading pictures banners and all that. don't expect it to be fixed any time, if not ever. they all have moved on with life things and work and all of that. this is not a top priority when you have Aurora asset editor 1.1 from swizzy and Xbox unity web page. Take it any way you want but it's been so long that I have no hope of them fixing it they should have never did it that way in the first place they should have allowed it to be changeable with a text file but that's just me and my two cents
  11. I've actually encountered the online connection issue which on my end fixed it but then later on like a month ago I found out it's a date and time issue too so I figured I'd mention both of them online required and date and time. And I don't mean online as an online stealth server I mean connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or ethernet and then the save and load issue on my end went away
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