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  1. I've actually encountered the online connection issue which on my end fixed it but then later on like a month ago I found out it's a date and time issue too so I figured I'd mention both of them online required and date and time. And I don't mean online as an online stealth server I mean connected to the internet through Wi-Fi or ethernet and then the save and load issue on my end went away
  2. You have to load it up without Aurora dashboard loading it's a bug with Grand theft Auto v that has to be connected online to save or load save games or it refuses to work or play pretty much you can start the game over but you'll never be able to save say very well and known common issue with Grand theft Auto v on Xbox 360. Also set your console time and make sure you're connected online ethernet but still make sure that you were Live Strong and live block in dashlunch
  3. As far as Aurora Nova LiNK ever supporting Xbox original games on LiNK that would be a far stretch of a miracle to see.... it's been almost 5 years since we've got an update too Aurora Dash.... Pretty much to sum it up what we have for the Xbox 360 LiNK with Aurora Nova LiNK AKA system link online. I think this is all we're going to get.... Now don't quote me on all this.... I could be wrong and they could be cooking something up in the back room but I highly doubt that and I don't see any more happening with the Xbox 360 LiNK until after the fact that it is brought offline, reverse engineered and then brought back online on unofficial Xbox live 2.0 in the distant future if there's a demand for it like there is for the Xbox original with the insignia project....
  4. Unfortunately no on Xbox original LiNK support on Xbox 360 console.... Like I said before.... your best bet is waiting for the insignia project to come out for the Xbox original unofficial Xbox live 1.0 AKA insignia project
  5. Good luck.... First person shooters will always be the most popular out there because that's what people play because you can mod them and fuck with people.... racing and anything like that will never be popular because there's just no modding or cheating on it and as far as the Xbox original I would wait for the insignia project that's going to be your best bet
  6. ok then.... i just don't care no more.... i moved on to chromecast....
  7. 1st things 1st.... if dev kit.... what one.... RGLoader or real XDK console.... if RGLoader just stop messing with it cuz it will never work with Nova plugin.... LOL need more details
  8. ok.... so why do it keep messing up then.... if it's not XBox Live Checks. then i say it's a file corruption problems....
  9. the only way i have fixed any audio or video not loading is to wipe the x360 hdd.... i don't know what it is for sure but i am guessing it's some kind of file corruption. i have tested both the xex and GOD versions. the xex ver mess's up faster and God ver mess's up but not as fast... or maybe it's some kind of protection that looks for xbox live. i don't know. cuz of this i stopped using it a long time ago.. cheaper and easyer to get a chrome cast and use a android phone or tablet. as for the Media Updates you need then i am sure. but i don't know
  10. to the to the best of my knowledge you need a xdk 360 aka xbox 360 dev kit.... But i don't know for sure....
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