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  1. then you need the 100% save game
  2. ok then.... i just don't care no more.... i moved on to chromecast....
  3. 1st things 1st.... if dev kit.... what one.... RGLoader or real XDK console.... if RGLoader just stop messing with it cuz it will never work with Nova plugin.... LOL need more details
  4. ok.... so why do it keep messing up then.... if it's not XBox Live Checks. then i say it's a file corruption problems....
  5. the only way i have fixed any audio or video not loading is to wipe the x360 hdd.... i don't know what it is for sure but i am guessing it's some kind of file corruption. i have tested both the xex and GOD versions. the xex ver mess's up faster and God ver mess's up but not as fast... or maybe it's some kind of protection that looks for xbox live. i don't know. cuz of this i stopped using it a long time ago.. cheaper and easyer to get a chrome cast and use a android phone or tablet. as for the Media Updates you need then i am sure. but i don't know
  6. to the to the best of my knowledge you need a xdk 360 aka xbox 360 dev kit.... But i don't know for sure....
  7. What's shipping to 33701....I have always wanted a xdk 360 slim with sidecar....
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