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  1. Thanks Alot bro I did it with your kind responses thank u so much, I also specially thank """"" jinsta """""" who sent me this step by step tutorial http://forum.homebre...x.php?topic=144 . Thanks to every one who shared their experiences it really helped. One thing I noted that before this I was making updflash.bin by Xebuild & then rename it to nandflash.bin and it doesn't work but at last when i put my dump flash file in sourse option of Xebuild there I saw BIN Name: I directy rename that updflash.bin to nandflash.bin in Xebuild and then it generate nandflash.bin instead of updflash.bin then i also put xeon.elf file with it.This time i turn on xbox without putting usb prior to turn on. I turn on xbox by ejecting tray and when it was searching for xeon.elf file i put my flash and this time it worked.
  2. LLLLLLLooooooooVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE you broooo !!!!!!!!!! You did it man you put life in my xbox Thank u vary varrrrrrrrrry much God Bless you.
  3. Bro thanks for ur kind response, let me clear , I formatted my flash drive to FAT32 on "GUI fat32 formatter soft " as you suggested in one of your post then I put that updflash.bin file in the root folder of my flash drive. then I put that flash into XBOX360 and turn it on by ejecting tray, xell loaded Now its says "Looking for xenon.elf or vmlinux on USB/CD/DVD or user define file TFTP" and beneath this line there is another line which is saying " trying to load above files but its not founding so this line is repeating continously I wait for 30 min but nothing happened ,Please tell me what to do where to find that xenon.elf file,looking forward for ur kind suggestions thanks.
  4. Bro i did the same but in xell it mentions looking for xenon.elf or vilinux and beneath this "trying tftp ip address no answer from server" please help what to do
  5. Hi bro I fallowed your steps & it worked but as i am new I dont know how i will build free boot image. I have Jtaged Xbox360 with kernal: 2.0.14699.0, what should i do to get latest dash version which can play gta5 also. please tell me what should i do after this tatorila I downloaded that raw flsh file and rest of two files also.If u send me step by step tattorial link if u have i will be very thankful to from this favor.
  6. Bro will you pleas send me a step by step tattorial, I am new to this i dont know how to handle this. what is updflash.bin. you mean i have to google it and then download it and then put it into the flash drive after this put that flash into my jtaged xbox360 and it will work. I really don't know what to do plz help I lost my consel in sake of fucking gta5 please help i will really appriciate.
  7. I also have the same poblem after reboot game is not booting only green lite in the centre and nothing else no response pleas help..
  8. please tell me where it is just write that link please bro
  9. hi bro I tried your tattorial, I followed your first step, I put dash lancher 3.09 into the flash and put it into my Jtaged xbox360 then I updated it after reboot My xbox360 is not booting any more only green light in the centre I don't know what to da please help me am new to it, My Xbox is almoust dead.Please help me I will really apriciate it.
  10. hi bro I tried to update my jtaged xbox360 dashboard but when I tried to update it to dash version 3.09 it told me to restart the consel after restart my consel is not working only green lite in the centre no response the display is black am new to it, tried to play gta5 but it became expensive to me i lost my consel its dead only green lite, I really appriciate if someone help me to get out of it.
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