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  1. Hmm I could have sword there was a swoosh sound when scrolling through games. Where can I get your skin with sounds? And how do I install it?
  2. Not sure how it happened, but my Aurora doesnt make any sounds when scrolling through games or menus. The only sounds that are there are the native xbox 360 sounds (like when I bring up the menu with Xbox button). All games have sound no problem. I tried to look where Aurora stores its sounds but it looks like they are embedded in some other file?
  3. Im on latest Aurora, and it appears that locking down Delete Content via passcode is bugged. I made a video, here. Basically when you select the option its not detected that you selected it. other options are detected no problem. Video:
  4. Ill give it a shot with another game, but shouldnt the design of Aurora be such that the game automatically applies latest downloaded update unless explicitly disabled? If you downloaded or installed an update, its a pretty safe assumption you want to use it. That seems like better design than manually requiring enabling every single update.
  5. I am using the latest 0.7b, I enabled TU for Undead Nightmare, it worked, then I exited and enabled TU for regular Red Dead and checked undead nightmare the TU got disabled.
  6. It appears that Title updates can only have one enabled at a time, so if I enable Title Update on one game, then enable a title update on another game, the first game that I enabled gets its Title update disabled. Is there a way for every game to just automatically use latest title update installed when launching? So that you dont have to manually enable them? If not, then is there a way to make the enable to stick on multiple games at the same time? Thanks!
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