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  1. I apologize for that. But i can not hear anymore whining about "tabs" like request. Peace. Thank you Aurora making team for all your work. I am a programmer too and know a lot about this kind of work. Have fun doing it and keep up the good work!
  2. Lol! And i want xbox transform into a space ship to fly with Aurora to the moon and back. And i WANT to have "tabs" on the command desk, like in Minority Report, with gloves and everything. And of course be so cool like Tom Cruise touching these SUPER DUPER tabs. My 50 to these topic. I have a blast with filters and is more logical than everything else. Like Angry Birds is a Kinect and a Xbla and a Xbox 360 regular dvd game. In what category will i put it?! With tabs i scrach my head where did i put it. With filters no problem. So, don't mess with the mother f******* maker of Aurora. It's like with the vampires. Join them or get lost:) Thank again Aurora making team. Peace and have fun!
  3. Hello! Me again! I reflashed the console to 16747 and DashLaunch is working again! Thank you for your answer. From now on i'm a bit more careful when to flash. I will wait for a new version of DashLaunch that will work with 16756 version. Maybe i have another question for you guys. Has someone some recommendation with the DashLaunch settings. what to enable and what not, for some optimal setting? Are the default settings in info_launch.ini also optimal? Thank you again.
  4. Thank you for your answer. But i have a Trinity board. I thought also that DashLaunch version doesn't matter at all, but i have been mistaken My bad!
  5. Hello! After i updated the console from 16747 to 16756 dashboard, the DashLaunch isn't working anymore. I can get to FSD through the "stock" dash NXE and the games are working normal (XBLA, Games, etc.), even FTP is working from FSD. XeXMenu is working to. But everytime i power up the console is going to default dashboard. I also get into the DashLaunch installer. But the setting are not showing (are blank - not "none" or something:) and when i wish to change anything the DashLaunch installer freezes and i have to reboot the console. The Launch.ini is on drive HDD. I have read the crashlog from DashLaunch and is saying that it cannot access the virtual drive for some reason. In the settings i also cannot uninstall DashLaunch or anything like that. Only two options are there ("Launch" and "install to drive"), "Uninstall" and "Unload" are grey and cannot be selected. I also tried to change Launch.ini from the computer and loaded back to the drive, but nothing helps . I realized that the DashLaunch 3.12 is not compatible with 16756. I've read this in the changelog readme, but it was to late for that. What can i do in this situation? Can i downgrade to 16747 from 16756? Or i have to wait that the new DashLaunch 3.13 is out? Or is there another method to fix this? Thank you for your answers.
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