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  1. So, we basically have to hope that people does not play COD. One more reason to hate that game... LOL
  2. Hello guys. In the last few days, me, my friends and a lot of people is being kicked out of the LiNK rooms (in Gears of War 3, I can only confirm this one, 'cause that's where I play). This happens randomly and for no reason, meaning that no problem occurs on our side. I just wanted to know if this happens to others in other games or if this only happens to Gears 3 players.Thanks.
  3. Turns out that my problem was actually the router. The one that my ISP gave me for free has some functions blocked (like DMZ and ICMP enabling, so basically I cannot be pinged). Tried with an old router my friend lent me, everything went as expected. Now I only have to wait 'til I can buy one. Even though I found out about this before you answered, I still have to thank you for taking time to solve my problem and for actually solving it (if I didn't find out by myself, this would've been the solution). Thanks!
  4. Yes, I've tried both. It was useless lol
  5. The fact is we could not join again. I didn't mean 300+ in Halo, in fact I said in total. I also said that I tried other games too (Gears3 and L4D2). I really can't believe that there is a problem with all the games I'm trying, the odds are incredibly low. The fact is, I've followed every step of the tutorial, done every possible thing to fix the issue, I even deleted the space in my profile name, but nothing seems to work. I'm not trying to be insulting in any way, It's just that this thing is kinda making me furious. So, I can try with one of the games that has a bunch of persons playing, like CoD:BO2 and see what happens, I guess. Or do you have more suggestions for me?
  6. The question is legit. I have played a match of Halo 4 like 10 minutes ago, then when the match ended I could not see my friend anymore. So, what the hell?! Literally nothing has changed and yet, we could not keep on playing. We also tried playing other games, but nothing. How can one possibly explain this? 'Cause this doesn't seem to be my (or my friend's) problem even though I figured It has to, since there's 300+ people playing right now in total, and I don't think they're just there trying to connect to someone's game, at least not all of them. What can I possibly do? Thanks
  7. Don't want to double-post, but I'd really appreciate some help here. Don't know what to do...
  8. I only hope this was also the reason why I could not play in the past few days using L!nK just after playing fine with it the day before I couldn't. I mean, the "corrupted user data" problem is only happening today, but I hope that something was starting to screw itself up prior to this, so that when this is solved I'm not going to have to go back on figuring out what to do to be able to play again. Anyway, hope this gets fixed soon.
  9. I'm gonna join this, I also have the "unable to join" error thing. And I've done everything too. Really don't know what to do anymore...
  10. I'm going to try that and report. Thanks for the advice EDIT: Nope, didn't work at all. Nothing has changed. I'm really losing faith here. I set ports 8001 and 8002 in L!nK settings, then opened them in the router and nothing has changed. I can't see my friend's parties but I see someone else's, but It doesn't matter 'cause I can't join 'em. So annoyed...Can I try anything else?
  11. Hello guys, I've been having a problem with L!nk and I really can't explain why. Here's a little story that should make you understand why I'm clueless on what else I could do to solve this issue: - I recently entered the RGH world together with my friend- we live very close by and our ping is very good- we signed up on JQE and tried to play via L!nk, but had a port problem- we both forwarded the ports (we also have the very same modem/router) and finally we could play just fine, also lag-free- my friend goes away for his holidays and when he comes back we cannot see each other's parties anymore and when we sometimes do, we can't join them (we get "connection to the host has been lost" in Gears3 and "disconnected - this game is no longer available" on L4D2, to name the famous ones) - neither of us did/changed anything, so... pretty weird- we go on JQE360.com and find out that passwords were deleted by accident, so we set them up again and boom, we were able to play again...- ... or at least we thought so... we tried to play again the day after we DID ACTUALLY play and we couldn't play anymore (same issue as before)- i said to myself "the only thing I have not tried is the avatar/kinect update, which my friend had already: so I did this one- nothing has changed- also, we are in the same room, and we see different amount of parties (at first I saw more than him, now I see less) and we could connect with a random dude's party and play (again, lag-free)- tried again playing our own thing, and nope, connection lost/disconnected. Now, this is the situation: we both pass everything on the test (so ports 3071&3072 TCP&UDP, JQE, pingpatch and devlink), we have same dash, same FSD version, same dashlaunch version, same games versions, same TUs, both have avatar/kinect update, and... well, we actually played through link successfully already. Seems like we can connect to other guys and play in their games, but we can't play our own. I'm actually not angry at the problem itself, but only at the fact that It came out of nowhere, for no reason whatsoever and seems not to have a solution. Anyone has any suggestion for me? Thanks!
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