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  1. Hi guys, I'm totally new here and I am loving my RGH 2 xbox 360. But I noticed something I'm surprised somebody hasn't addressed. In single player games it would be nice if the was a dash plugin which opens up the .xex file and save game memory allocation and lets you search for values, change moments in memory, watch memory for value changes etc. <-- Why do this on a PC, then transfer it to a xbox etc when we could do it on the FLY!!!! As a child I grew up with these on the PC (Picture included) and DiscDoctor for the N64. It inspired me to learn HEX and I am sure it would inspire others. It would give people the opportunity to create cheat game tables and share them with other uses. Even the NEOGEO has this. Is anybody working on a plug in like this which works on the fly? Has somebody considered it? I would love to get some feedback... Cheers.
  2. I'm so excited about joining the RGH crowd. A feature I would love to see is that when we press a shortcut key setup or the guide button in a game.. it gives us the opportunity to look in the memory of the game running for HEX values, memory monitor, cheat value generator, etc. Think action replay / Game genie so If I'm playing a game single player and I see my bullets are only 24 I can HEX that value to 255/FF on the fly, and continue playing the game / save values etc. I think this would make JTAG/RGH world AMAZING. Has anybody been working on this so far?
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