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  1. Aurora Skin Toolkit

    I know I'm kinda late but where can I get Xui Toolsand Xui workshop?
  2. UPDATE: I finally got XDK, but when I installed it I realized it doesn't have Xui workshop OR Xui tools in it. I'm really confused now... PLEASE HELP!!!
  3. okay I did some research and now I know that I need XDK and that it is illegal to share but can you just tell me on which site you got it from?
  4. I mean I have Xuiworkshop but It's not working. I have attached screenshots of errors. First two are when I trie to open Xui workshop and the third one is when I trie to load xur files with it.
  5. I already have that but I think that I need something calles Xui workshop to change xur files to xui, but I can't find working program...
  6. Hello... I know I'm kinda late but I wanted to ask you how are you editing skins (which programs you're using...). Please help because I want to make my own skin, but there aren't any clear tutorials on internet how to do it...