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  1. take it easy on me thanks for every thing
  2. can you give me the link of the trainer
  3. why the links not shown
  4. is there any thing to make us rank in system link
  5. yeaahhhhhhh thanks man and for all who works on it
  6. ok thanks for every thing ill come in chat
  7. am already made a static ip and i remove the plugin now all disappear no room no nothing and link say cant access connection to server time out and got error : F000003 ​and some times show room but the same old problem now i put the dlcs no different stell same problem
  8. in test i got all pass except the upnp yes i install my avatar update launch.ini http://www.mediafire.com/download/1ijy4ix23gaji1u/launch.ini
  9. and now what ive to do ? for info my tu is the last one 18 and i have no dlc and am not adding any one what i do ?
  10. how can i do it
  11. http://im77.gulfup.com/3fB29r.bmp http://im77.gulfup.com/6WtJmj.bmp
  12. sorry man i cant because my flash stop working so i cant bring the screen shot from free style
  13. aha no am make new unity account not new profile ok thanks its work i made a new profile now there is another problem the name shows in the list of the room in the link and the unity but there is no room in the game
  14. the old one not working and this one is a new one now i have to make a new account ?
  15. now what i do to solve the problem