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Version 4.21 PSN Passphrase Out In The Wild

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It's that time again whereby MFW users can enjoy PSN access for a brief while, as some anonymous parties have decided to put out the PSN version 4.21 passphrase in the wild, and "Luckystar Chinese" (kill me for using Google Translate) has posted up a tutorial on how to gain PSN access via FuckPSN, alongside the 4.21-passphrase-patched files/certificates.

Here's the post from the aforementioned forum member over at Duowan Forums

Luckystar Chinese wrote: I believe we all know, test CEX DEX355 feasible. Program still finished before September 11 into PSN, the the camouflage version number 4.21 the camouflage host ID is all zeros

The networking cheating curse you BAN Oh. BAN directly off the account + the host ID + MAC address

How to use:

The 1. The program open permissions, etc. dev_blind (enter after twice choice, have opted for Yes), then run OpenPS3FTP. Replace the PS3 within CA27.cer certificate, replace the original file to / dev_blind / data / cert / suggestions to replace the backup finished to restart PS3.

Computer running FuckPSN. If an error to see if the computer takes 53,80,443 port. (Usually 53, if you have the machine running DNS service related procedures)

3.PS3 network settings will change the PC's IP DNS started if you do not know - run, enter cmd in window type ipconfig / all then view the local IP of the NIC

Enjoy ~



FuckPSN0.9c and certificates


OpenPS3FTP and dev_blind

After installing OpenPS3FTP, location is inside the network.

FTP username root password should be arbitrary. Not try google

Windows Vista, 7 flash back trying to shut down the world wide web publishing service service restart and try

Original vsh.self


Code: Select all 2D445C392753C85067B9B56ED883B27C




X-Platform Passphrase Code: Select all t2wSyoqasqb_wndpmdmbhputnokghlupgtpighyrsygfbmrsectfkqOb

Update #1: carldenning over at PS3Hax has reported that this works BOTH on DEX and on CEX, but the PS Store will throw up an 80023110 error.

carldenning @ PS3Hax wrote:well dex people think your missing the fun, well u not dex 3.55 works too just do the same as cex , NP Enviroment need to be = np " lower case letters "

ive tried with itskamel dex

only reason i tired is so i could try and get my online pass from saint row 3 . because u need it just to do a lan coop . so hopefully now i be able to do lan coop with my 4.21 ofw


ps store is empty error code 80023110

Source: http://www.ps3hax.net/showpost.php?p=431259&postcount=146

NEWS SOURCE #1: PSN/Online Connections - PS3DevWiki

NEWS SOURCE #2: carldenning's DEX Usage Status Report - PS3Hax Network

NEWS SOURCE #3: PSN Passphrase 4.21 Leaked/FuckPSN Tutorial - Duowan Forums

NEWS SOURCE #4: FuckPSN 0.9c Arrives with an Updated PSN Passphrase - PS3NEWS

OFF-SITE DOWNLOAD LINK #1: OpenPS3FTP/dev_blind/FuckPSN - Xunlei

OFF-SITE DOWNLOAD LINK #2: OpenPS3FTP/dev_blind/FuckPSN - 2Shared

Special thanks go to pete_uk & slarty1408 for the news tip.

Source: Tortuga Cove

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