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Corrupted assets not applying

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Hi, so I'm trying to download assets for some games and I noticed that the downloading and processing prompts appear really quickly and no assets are updated.

So I went to Aurora\Data\GameData\ to check the assets, and the folders for each game I tried to update were there, but in every folder there were the following files:

BKTitle_ID.asset 2.0 KB

GCTitle_ID.asset 2.0 KB

GLTitle_ID.asset 18.0 KB

SSTitle_ID.asset 2.0 KB

This leads me to believe the files are somehow corrupted when trying to download them, because every game I try to update has the same files (with different Title ID's of course) of the same size.

Also, when trying to download assets for games already updated, it shows no assets available for download.

Any help will be appreciated.

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