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Upgraded to lastest Rebug and Multiman but not seeing internal HDD games

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I upgraded from internal 320GB drive to internal 1tb Drive and updated the following in the process:

multiMAN v4.84 HEN

Rebug 4.84.2 REX – Cobra 8.1

HOWEVER, I forgot to do full hard drive/games backup when I was on REBUG_4.81.2_REX before doing the update and swapping to the 1tb internal hard drive.  So… I put back in the 320gb hard drive that was on REBUG_4.81.2_REX that had all my games and using the backup tool backed everything up onto a 500gb drive on the newly updated 1tb internal drive system running Rebug 4.84.2 REX.

After a successful restore, multiMAN v4.84 HEN for some reason is not seeing the games I just restored to the internal 1tb drive and is only seeing my external USB drive games (and only after having to manually refresh everytime).

The internal 1tb drive says there is 600GB left and I can see the games (all in folder format) are in the following file path folder:


I tried moving a game to /dev_hdd0/GAMES but that didn’t work either.

I also tried toggling COBRA MODE on and off, still no change.

How do I fix this so Multiman will see and load all my games from internal and external drives automatically?

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*SIGH* okay, lesson learned.  In the future remember to back your shit up under the same Rebug version or else it won't work.  lol

Good thing I've got all my games backed up on my external USB, now I just gotta re-install all my games.... oh well.

For anyone who's curious - It appeared to have stripped some info. (or left some info out) leaving your backed up games undetectable by the new rebug.  I tested this by copying a game from USB to internal HD and discovered the game contents were placed inside a folder named: PS_GAME, so I figured I'd manually create this folder and place the game contents into it - NOPE, didn't work.  When I mounted the game disc it showed error: unrecognized.

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