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Hello everyone. I need some help as i am going crazy here. I have done tons of games to play on my jtag console but this one is tough. I have a jasper model full updated on dashlaunch, aurora and official xbox360 system update. Now my problem is that inside dishonored goty game i can't see the dlcs. Here is what i have done:

1. I have extracted disc 1 iso to xex files and copied to my external hdd.

2. I have extracted disc 2, which contains the dlcs, and copied only the 4 dlcs into my internal hdd here's the path: HDD1\CONTENT\0000000000000000\(GAME_TITLE_ID)\00000002\here the 4 dlcs

3. I downloaded via aurora the latest update of the game and enabled it.

4. I can't see the dlcs inside game's main menu.

I am possitive 99% i have done it right. Why i can't see dlcs?

There's an option in game's main menu where it says "purchase downloadable content". On walkthroughs i've watched on youtube others have just "downloadable content", not purchase like mine.

Maybe this is happening because i have the first disc in an external hdd and the dlcs in the internal hdd?

Maybe I need to change any options from dashlaunch?

Please anyone, i am dying to play that game.

Thanks in advance.

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Ok guys i fixed it.

The Title ID was wrong. Everything else i described as steps for installing it is right so if anyone want to try that game voila!!

To see the right Title id for every game, just run it and when game is running press the big x on your controller to see the small xbox's menu. As you are there check the right down corner. Boom! The title id is there.


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