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Trying to figure out how to fix a failed jtag attempt.

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ok so long story short my brother and his friend try jtagging an opus and failed years ago.(don't have any of their files)

I got the paper weight and i'm trying to build a new nand and flashing it via their lpt cable they made.( going to be really slow i bet)

all i remember is it was the last jtaggable dash they had on it.(7371 iirc)

so i'm trying to figure out how i can do all this without screwing it up worse.

if i need to add anything please tell me!

I would love to get this up and running again!

*edit* i have this photo from when i was trying to build a new nand and used jrunner partly but im not sure what to do next.

xeBuild GUI 2.0_2018-04-30_19-19-48.png

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