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Anyone have the Category numbers and region Id's for Xbox Marketplace

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I'm trying to recreate skfu's PC XBLMBrowser, using C#. So far its going well, but my methods of obtaining the Url's are not the most legitimate out there, and don't work amazingly well (I end up with piles of garbage to dig through to find what im looking for).

Does anyone have a List of the Category ID's that would go in the Marketplace query? Specifically I know that Arcade is "CategoryID = 3027". 


I also wanted to ask if anyone know's the value ranges for the query values below (Whats valid and what errors) (Currently I am just using what I could get from skfu's browser)

            , string methodName = "FindGames"
            , string Locale = "en-US"
            , string LegalLocale = "en-US"
            , int Store = 1
            , int PageSize = 1
            , int PageNum = 1
            , int DetailView = 5
            , int OfferFilterLevel = 1
            , int CategoryIDs = 3027
            , int OrderBy = 1
            , int OrderDirection = 1
            , int ImageFormats = 5
            , int ImageSizes = 15
            , int UserTypes = 1
            , int MediaTypes = 23)

It also seems like an unwise Idea to send a bunch of query's trying to determine the Max and Min values for everything. Was wondering if anyone had a list of these somewhere.

Currently the only one I know is PageSize:(Range 1-300) anything over 300 or under 1, causes an error page with no data.

I assume PageNum max range would be (live:totalItems / pagesize), the min i'm guessing is 1.

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I thought I might post a little update, Still could really use the value ranges for the previous variables I asked about.


Currently I am still unsure of the Algorithm to get the xcm Files, so those buttons do nothing right now. Was busy getting, the thumbnails to load in a seperate thread, and cache them to a folder. So it avoids spamming Microsoft and Doesn't Lock up the UI when loading the Banners. Pretty much everything aside from browsing the arcade category is unimplemented (I don't know the category ID Numbers or how the Regions work, Otherwise it would literally take me 2 minutes to add them in)

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Does anyone have any idea, Why when I change the LegalLocale the MediaID Is not the same? (used English Language, JP Legal Locale, and Arcade... and I get this list that seems to be partially Indie Games?)


Either way I will need to fix the Banners for JP Locale I guess

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Thought Id throw up a test version, See if anyone finds any major bugs. As of right now I genuinely Cannot figure out how to generate the XCP Download Links, and 2 lazy to bother setting up the Xbox Marketplace Links. If anyone has knowledge related to how SKFU's Browser Generates the XCP Links let me know. (Ive Been trying to figure it out, but haven't had any luck, Especially since I don't have an Xbox 360 to spy on)

If anyone has any thoughts let me know

Current Features:
Simple Browsing of the XBL Marketplace, Based heavily on SKFU's XBLMBrowser.
Caches Banner images and stores them to ease network (Needs Minor Rework)
Allows Individual changing of Legal Region, and Display Language.
The Previous and Next Buttons currently have no Functionality (You can still change the page by manually setting the page number and clicking the "Go" Button).
Saves Category, Page Number, Region, Language and Number of Items to display per page.

Planned Features:
Download XCP Files.
Offline Browsing
Search method.
Automatically Check Which XCP Files can be downloaded.
Set Xbox 360 UserAgent Version

Current Known Bugs:
Japanese Region Does not display Correctly
Changing Category currently Resets the Page to 1 (until the first page is loaded, Looking into a workaround).

Virus Total

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