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Imigrate gamecontrol.xur to gameinfo.xur, variable problem

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i have a question about calling the functions from gamecontrol.xui with FSD 755 and hope since aurora release some one is reading here.


So i made some new buttons inside gameinfo.xur, looking like the new gameinfo from aurora for screenshot/archivements and so on.

The problem is, wen i call on the xbox from gameinfo.xur the screenshot.xur it open only blank without actual gamepictures.

Wen i open the gamecontrol.xur by pressing Y (options) before, after that my buttons works fine.


So i think there is maybe a "variable" written with the game id or something else wen you open gamecontrol.xur by pressing Y (options).

So screenshot.xur know what gamepictures are to show.

That "variable" is only written wen i open the options (Y before), but i need that by just open the gameinfo on a game in coverflow mode.

Can anybode tell me how i can fix that problem ?


Thank you and excuse my bad english :-)

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