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  1. Hello all, i hope you excuse that i, here in the wrong section, ask a FSD 3 Question But since i try to made a Function used by Aurora and here maybe are FSD/Aurora coder's reading, hope you dont blame me :-) Im not sure if i can write PM to the creators here and if they read them. I want to make a GameInfo Screen, like the one used by Aurora with Buttons for Screenshots/Archivements and so on. All worked fine in my FSD 3 Skin, but wen i open the Screenshot.xur it is blank without gamepictures. I need to open the Options first by pressing Y, if i close them after that and call then the screenshot.xur all worked fine. So i think the must be a "variable" written wen i open the Options first, so screenshot.xur knows what gamepictures to show. Is it possible with FSD 3 to write that variable wen i open the GameInfo, so i dont need to open the Options first ? Or is that function hardcoded in the default.xex ? Can i maybe open the GameControls.xur hidden, wen i enter the GameInfos ? On that way the "variable" is written without opening Options first. Sorry for not using Aurora at this time what would be the faster way to solve my problem, but i like the FSD 3 Homescreen and dont want to enter in all Games directly :-( Maybe next Update there is a Homescreen in Aurora ? Thank you!
  2. Hello, i have a question about calling the functions from gamecontrol.xui with FSD 755 and hope since aurora release some one is reading here. So i made some new buttons inside gameinfo.xur, looking like the new gameinfo from aurora for screenshot/archivements and so on. The problem is, wen i call on the xbox from gameinfo.xur the screenshot.xur it open only blank without actual gamepictures. Wen i open the gamecontrol.xur by pressing Y (options) before, after that my buttons works fine. So i think there is maybe a "variable" written with the game id or something else wen you open gamecontrol.xur by pressing Y (options). So screenshot.xur know what gamepictures are to show. That "variable" is only written wen i open the options (Y before), but i need that by just open the gameinfo on a game in coverflow mode. Can anybode tell me how i can fix that problem ? Thank you and excuse my bad english :-)
  3. @JQE Many thanks for fixing the Problem and all your work !
  4. Maybe any Updates/Answers on my Question from the Admin's ? Thanks
  5. Just use this Metro style Skin: Dash RT 2.1 by DOC (r775 - English - Italian - Spanish - Russian - French - Polish) http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/2118-skin-f3-dash-rt-21-by-doc-r775-english-italian-spanish-russian-french-polish/
  6. Thank you for the fast answer Swizzy and explaining me the rumors i read. That explain me why so much User are in the Public Rooms and i only see sometime one Private User Room, seams other User have the same Problem creating a Room. I hope the Devs can find the Problem and we can play again in private Rooms, im happy that the Problem is not on my side. Since im really out of Ideas what to do more, then i did allready
  7. Hello, i cant create a Room in Link, not on the Webseite or inGame. Link works fine, i have open Ports, register myself on the Website and can enter the Lobby. See other Player, add Friends and join Public 1 or Public 2. But im unable to create a Room to play with a Friend Diablo 3. Here is what i did on the Website http://xboxunity.net/ 1. Login 2. select Add Room 3. search Game Diablo III Reaper of Souls 4. enter a Room Name like: JaneDoes Game 5. select make Privat and enter 4 Codes 6. select create Room and get: Failed to add Room. On the Boxi start the Game, have selected "System-Link" in Options. Press the silver X Button, select System-Link. Now im in the Lobby, see other Players and 3 Rooms: Public 1, Public 2 and one Room from another Gamer Now i press Y, to create a Room. Select Country, Game Mode and Passcode. After creating the Room, it loads some seconds and then im again in the Lobby, seeing only the 3 Rooms. (i test the same on entering Public 1 or 2 first, same results. also i try this from Diablo Game Menu only or wen i loaded the Game and im inside Diablo standing before a Quest NPC) So im unable to create a Room to start playing with a Friend. Any Ideas what im doing wrong ? I have newest Kernel, FSD 3 775, all Ports are set up like in Tutorials, Router Settings fine, Link Test = fine Diablo has Titel Update 2, jqe360 Settings are ok and im logged in. Does Link not work with European Games, since im from Germany ? I search Google and find not much People having the same Problem. Some say i cant use Link with a XLive Profil (i patched mine for Avatar Stuff and try the same with a new Profil without XLive), some other say there can be only 1 Room next to Public 1 and Public 2. So i need to wait some User ends his Game and start quickly my own Room ? Any help would be very nice, dont know any more i can try to do :-( Thanks !
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