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New WaW Mod Menu- No Problem v1

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First, my console has been permanently ban. Thats the bad news. Good news is that it was my Trinity. I have a Jasper. I have no idea how I was console ban on WaW. Seems a little strange to me but oh well.

I have a new Gamertag so I will put that at the bottom but I want to do things a little different just in case when I get on if I am ban I can make a new account. 


Reply with your Gt.

You will get an invite from either MyGaMeRzCrEw v9 or MyGaMeRzCrEw v10.

Accept it and join.

Once you get in back out and go to split screen and start it.

It will kick you and will have a modded message of the day.

I will invite you back.

Once I start it Press the start button and spectate me.


This is the newest Menu out right now. You can't download this Menu anywhere else.

The Menu is called No Problem v1.

It is the biggest and takes roughly 5 minutes to infect.

It is worth the wait because it has over 200 different mods in it and all of them work.

This IS NOT my Menu. I take no credit for it.

It was made by cM Pidju.


If you would like to donate, that would be great. You don't have too. It's optional. I relatively get ban often so helping me get back online would be fantastic and very halpful. Any form of an Xbox Live Trial would be great. Also I would also like to encourage you guys to donate to RealModScene. Once again you don't have to but would be very much appreciated.


If you have a question you would want me to answer, reply with one, but don't spam.

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