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a few question after installing FS3

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hello all

i installed FS 3 on my xbox and also dashlunch 3.04 ... and now black ops2 works great ...

i have a few questions after the FS3 install:

1. i can't see the cover image on my xbox games folder- can i download them and put them on the game folder ? do i need to name the file with spesific file name .

2. when i try to connect to the internet i get no connection detected ,,, even when i know my wifi is on and ready to connect ...

3.how can i change the skin of my xbox ? where can i download and where do i put the files ?

4.how can i remove the FREE STYLE 3 logo when ever the xbox starts?

thanks a lot for your help


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1. do you mean covers for each game or the xbox360 games option? if you mean each game you can have f3 download the covers for you, go into your settings and look for cover downloading.

if you mean the game option you would have to modify the skin, use xzptool on here to extract it

2. not an fsd issue, unless your xbox is already connected.

3.there are skins on here, download them and put them in the skins folder in fsd, then restart f3 and then select the skin.

4. extract the skin and change the startup image

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