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Max Payne 3

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Hi guys I copied Max Payne 3 off my flash to my xbox internal hard drive.

It showed Max Payne 3 Disc 1 and Max Payne 3 Disc 2 in My Games in Freestyle.

When I run Max Payne 3 Disc 1, it says some files are missing and it quits. When I run Max Payne 3 Disc 2, it says insert Disc 1 and quits. Did I do something wrong.

I copied them to

HDD1:/Content/0000000000000000/Max Payne Disc 1


HDD1:/Content/0000000000000000/Max Payne Disc 2

please help guys and I appreciate it!

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you don't need to put it in content/0000000000000 < that's more for games on demand and arcades, etc..


for extracted games, I'd try having it

"Hdd:GamesMax PayneDisc 1default.xex" and"Hdd:GamesMax PayneDisc 2default.xex" to see if it helps


The single player of the game is broken up into disc 1 and disc 2, and disc 2 is the multiplayer disc

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One entry for each disc.

Some games have 4 disc, therefore it'll show 4 times (one entry per disc)


Just press "Y" on one, and select "Move" then move it to "other" - it'll be hidden :)

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