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[Updated]Bluedisk-CFW v4.25 is offically released. Details and Video Proof and Files Attached

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This morning we got an email from the BlueDisk CFW team, with info on their new firmware and details.

So first we did a bunch of tests to make sure it was real, before posting the news, and suprize suprize it is, and we now have PS3 running v4.25 CFW.


Here is there original email to us, which got us all hyped up:

Dear friend

last month we send CFW4.21 to a china forum to test and works well .

Now we release our latest Bluedisk CFW upgrader to download CFW4.25.

With CFW4.25, you can play all PS3 games and PSN well .

You can go our offiical wel www.bluedisk-cfw.com to know details .

here we send you 3 free CD KEY to download the CFW4.25

and also user can email us to get free CD KEY .

Now it is not 100% good news, for one the team is using an outdated Multiman v2.08 from back when it was 'open-source' and has been patched to work with their CFW, so not all games run perfectly, maybe in the near future you will see actual new Multiman v4.06/.07 updated to support their Bluedisk-CFW v4.25 release.

Second bad news, we were given 3 FREE CDKEY's to test their firmware release, and details are not clear on what their plans are on how this part is being handled, or if it is totally free (even tho it says 'user can email us to get free CD KEY), but basically you are forced to email them, and somehow you get a CDKEY, then type it into their PC APP, it checks it, and then asks for your dump of EID0.BIN from your PS3 (you will find the tools to do so on their website), their PC APP checks that file, and then slowly sends you a customized PUP file for your PS3 only.

Third bad news, because of their DRM-ed PUP idea, you need to be on CFW v3.55 to dump the EID0 so they can fix the PUP up to only work on the PS3 which matches it, and also once that CDKEY you get from them is used, you can't use it again.

Welcome to round two of DRM, in this case it great as you get v4.25 support, and online works great and no need for patched eboots, so no waiting for the latest game, just rip your original game, and no need for a costly dongle, so hopefully if they are infact charging somehow for the CDKEY it is very low price, but on their website it not clear, the only time FREE is used is that all upgrades are FREE, so if you on CFW v4.25 and Sony comes up with v4.50, they promised to release it soon afterwards and you can upgrade to it, without the need of another new CDKEY from them as long as you installing on the same PS3 matching the EID0 dump that the first PUP was customized to match to.

That is all the info we have now for folks, for more info visit their official website, but nothing to worry it is real and worry, we spend all afternoon, evening, and night, testing it, checking their PC APP, and its clean, legit, PUP file installs fine, we even tested it on PS3 that was downgraded to v3.55 and it works on it also, the only thing lacking right now is good support for a new backup manager to play the games perfectly, and of course you have to be already running CFW v3.55 to upgrade to 'Bluedisk-CFW', so if you stuck running OFW on console which can't be downgraded, you are out-of-luck, and it hopefully the support behind 'Bluedisk-CFW' is good, incase Sony updates in the near future, but for now you can play games that don't have patched v3.55 eboot that need a new CFW like 'Sleeping Dogs' and others, and still for now go online and purchase items from the PSN store.


OFFICIAL SITE: http://www.bluedisk-cfw.com

Source: http://www.ps3crunch...54520#post54520

Download the files and use at your own risk (Taken directly from their website)

CFWUpgrader ver1.01 and manual.zip

XMB eEID Dumper and MM4.25.rar

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