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freestyle dash 3 crashed what would you like to do�..

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Problems with FSD 2.2 And 3….

I also had the problem with FSD that crashed. In the beginning with v.2.2.

With the message “freestyle dash 2.2 crashed what would you like to doâ€..

I updated FSD and dash launch with the LIVE installer.

Filled in the configuration in SETUP and still got the problem.

Two days later I have found what the problem is at my 360 slim.

In my case the software “SNES360.XEX†or a file in the same folder generate this problem.

How I have fixed this problem.

The problems has something to do with the “Game Paths †in Setup.

Go to “SETUPâ€-“settingsâ€-“Content Settingsâ€-“Manage Game Pathsâ€.

Delete all the folders and push the “power button†and go “xBOX Homeâ€.

After restart is there no error message anymore.

Go back to “SETUPâ€-“settingsâ€-“Content Settingsâ€-“Manage Game Pathsâ€.

And at the folders one by one and in between restart with the “power button†and go “xBOX Homeâ€.

Find out after added one folder and restart, if the message is back.

Immediately after adding and storing the path with the wrong software, the message pops- up.

If this folder include multiple programms. You have to select a subfolder till you found the one programm that generate the problem.

Hopefully this works out for you....

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I "suddenly" (after adding 3 games via FTP) got this problem too. After enabling the automatic scan the problem is gone, trying to figure out what is going wrong here. Is the amount of games the issue?  When i choose "try to continue" after the error appears, i see that 3 items are idle in "status; HTTP 3 items left (0.00kBps)


is see i have 32GB free on my 1TB External HDD, could that be the problem?

Next what i am gonna try is deleting the 3 games and add them one by one to see when error appears. If you have ant thoughts on the issue i would like to hear them  :thumbup:


Almost forgot, if i choose continue and start one of the last added games, the game just starts. That seems to work

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mmm, strange. Now F3 crashes immediately even if i disable auto-scanning by  start-up. Cant even remove the gamepaths because there are "downloads" that have to be completed first?

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