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  1. Problems with FSD 2.2 And 3…. I also had the problem with FSD that crashed. In the beginning with v.2.2. With the message “freestyle dash 2.2 crashed what would you like to doâ€.. I updated FSD and dash launch with the LIVE installer. Filled in the configuration in SETUP and still got the problem. Two days later I have found what the problem is at my 360 slim. In my case the software “SNES360.XEX†or a file in the same folder generate this problem. How I have fixed this problem. The problems has something to do with the “Game Paths †in Setup. Go to “SETUPâ€-“settingsâ€-“Content Settingsâ€-“Manage Game Pathsâ€. Delete all the folders and push the “power button†and go “xBOX Homeâ€. After restart is there no error message anymore. Go back to “SETUPâ€-“settingsâ€-“Content Settingsâ€-“Manage Game Pathsâ€. And at the folders one by one and in between restart with the “power button†and go “xBOX Homeâ€. Find out after added one folder and restart, if the message is back. Immediately after adding and storing the path with the wrong software, the message pops- up. If this folder include multiple programms. You have to select a subfolder till you found the one programm that generate the problem. Hopefully this works out for you....
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