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UK / Ireland LiNK Users (Broadband Provider)

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Not a FSD Question but may be able to help others in terms of LiNK Connection Help.


I've been told that SKY UK have certain applications blocked on their network (ie. P2P, UDP (LiNK) etc..) may not be all of the UK but in some regions.
Why is LiNK restricted on some networks/regions is a mystery. LiNK Still works but may have issues such as "Can't host" but can "join games" ok, etc...


For UK/Ireland users, Please post what broadband provider your with (and speeds) if your on ADSL, Fibre, cabled, etc....
Non-Uk/Ire please include what country your in.


This may resolve some LiNK Port issues for those who can not host and may not be a router issue but a provider issue.



A buddy of mine has Sky uk (ADSL @ 8meg) and is restricted by the provider.

I'm on Virgin Media (UK) @ 60mb and not restricted.

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Can Join / Can Host / Other Issues: None Known ]
Virgin Media UK (Belfast, N.Ire) @ 60mb (Cable)



Can Join / Can't Host / Other Issues: Some Lobbys don't show ]

Talk Talk UK (Belfast, N.Ire) @ 40mb (Fibre ADSL)

SKY UK (Staffordshire, England) @ 8mb (ADSL) / Can join, can't host

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