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New PS3MFW Builder Task released by cfwprpht

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patch_registory.tcl for MFW Builder brings alpha sort for games in the XMB!

cfwprpht has released a small TCL patch for PS3MFW Builder which allows alphabetic ordering of your games...

As you may know, the PS3 Modified Firmware Builder allows you to add more functionalities and patches to the CFW 3.55.

Now, 'cfwprpht' has released a TCL patch which allows you to sort your XMB homebrew and games sections alphabetically.

Also, more patches are coming from him, so stay tuned...

- Description: Patch Alphabetical sort Order

- Option –patch-alpha-sort: Alphabetical sort Order for Games in the XMB

- Type –patch-alpha-sort: boolean

More patches to that tcl are incoming. I will add the --patch-rape-sfo function which for now is a dirty patch and will rape the sfo's for neogeo and pcengine (X0+X4) so we can use it as our own sfo's and put some app's in own made XMB segments. For that i also will clean the network category to use it as homebrew category and merge net cat with psn cat together. So that next patch will be a big one.


mfw task.rar

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