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Indie Games [XBLIG]

TIP: Whenever something goes right. save a copy in a Backup folder. will avoid bugs and crashes

I avoided links for moderation. but if you don't find the apps.
access the discord XEX BRASIL: discord.gg/Besr3a6YJy

Required Apps:
• Velocity (xbox 360 file manager)
• DN Spy
• XBLIG game extracted the .exe

Purpose of the post:
Teach how to translate indie games to other languages not natively supported.

1- Download an Indie Game format game from the internet
2- Use velocity/Horizon to extract the resources from it and place it in a folder on the desktop.
3- Find the '.exe' included in the game. (Yes, don't use XEX) on XBLIG
4- Open the .exe in DN Spy and activate the 'assembly explorer' in the view tab.
5- Open your .exe in the DJY SPY app
6- Go to the search bar and filter by searching: Strings/Numbers. (See the 1st photo)
7- Write something in the game that you think is a text. (Ex: Press Start etc)
8- If results appear equal to the photo in the post. of 2 clicks.
9- Naturally you will see the text in the middle of the codes between quotes. (Ex: "Press Start") (See 1st photo)
10- To edit, just right-click on 'Edit IL instruction' and another screen will open with the possibility of editing the texts. (See the 2nd photo)
11- Edit the text in quotes, the game strings. "press start"
Note: There is no character limit, be happy. but if the sentence is too long, use the line breaker -> \n (See the 3rd photo)
with that edit the sentence for your language and click OK.
12- After that Save everything in the app, in the file tab -> save everything -> OK (See the 4th photo)
13- After editing the .exe, return it to the original game file under 'GOD'. use velocity with -> replace file (right mouse button)
14- click on rehash to redo the hash.
15- Test on your JTAG/RGH console.

More tips access the discord XEX BRASIL or talk to MathuwsGamerMW on YT.

1° PNG

2° PNG
3° PNG
4° PNG



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