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Clear Data fails to DL covers.

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Ok first off I love the new look and operational aspects of FS3. With that said, I installed (New) and added games from my HDD and USB drives, with that I had unfortunately some dupes. I had removed the dupes and as it was (in my opinion) to clear data then let it redownload all the covers would be faster. Issue is that after the clear data it started to search the drives for contene but it did not cownload the covers. I had rebooted the system numerous times and ran yet another scan and still nothing. Side note I am able to uploade manually with the "refresh artwork" but with hundreds of games, not including the XBLA I am not about to go that route. So I am reinstalling.....

Any ideas on this issue?

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FSD 3.0b Rev58

Similar behavior here.. I don't have all covers, can re-scan, but covers are not downloaded. I can manually "Refresh artwork" ad get the art.

other possibly related observations:

-if downloading artwork and reboot, the system always resumes the download.. regardless of setting. I cleared data even and fsd continued to download artwork.

Perhaps via menu or web gui there could be a global refresh artwork option, or perhaps by scan path, to force a rescan and download new artwork. re-scanning does not seem to realize some titles are missing art and need a fresh artwork download.


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