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Tortuga-Cove's Offical Review of Talismoon Wolf Controller 'Macros Mod Board' for 360

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Today I am reviewing Talismoons Wolf Controller 'Macros Mod Board' that also functions as a rapid fire mod.  Wolf Controller Site
(Please note: neither I nor any other staff of tortuga-cove support or condone cheating on xbox live, psn or any other online service. However what you do in your single player games is up to you)

OK so for this review, I've decided that the best format is "The Good, The Bad The Ugly"

Lets Start with the good.

Wolf Controller boasts a feature list of:

Talismoon Wolf Controller is the best of what rapid fire mods can offer:

- Blue Tooth enabled : Log into your Wolf from any PC or Android device
- Control over 17 buttons
- Easy, drag and drop macro creation
- Upload your macros to the Wolf and download them from the net
- Record macros, live, in the game you are playing
- Design how you want to swap macros, with the combination (or voice command) YOU selected
- Configure your Wolf from any PC or Android device (with iOS and WP8 coming soon)
- Wolf Pack mode for single player games: Add one, two or three additional Wolf Controllers to your ‘Pack’ and all other controllers can play in the single player game at the same time!
- Voice commands!!! : Control your Wolf by simply speaking, from simple ‘Reload’ to complex macros with just the sound of your voice
- Play old classic games from PS3/Xbox 360 market place with your PC Keyboard/Mouse or Android device
- Lights: Wolf comes with beautiful blue Leds that you can configure on/off/flashing
- Coming soon: Reload pedal add-on an more surprises!

Some of these features sound really awesome, and even I had high hopes for this controller when I got the news announcement.  On my controller the LED's work exactly as advertised.  For a lighted controller mod it functions well.  However This brings us to the bad, and the ugly.


Simply put, the GUI for the wolf controller is horrible.  

Posted Image

Its a mess to use, its not very intuitive, and adjusting the length of time each button is pushed, or even verifying the controller's programmed macros tested my patience to no end.  That said, programming your own macros via recording button pushes is easy enough, and unlike the rest of the GUI this actually functions well.  

Also bad is the fact that Wolf Controller requires 3rd Party software to use the voice commands.  Something not specified in the feature list. (They recommend: Dragon Naturally Speaking) However I don't own any Voice Recognition software so was unable to review that function.

I also found the instruction manual to be kind of convoluted, and had a hard time finding the exact info I needed when a problem arose.

When all is said and done, this is all arguably subjective and I may not have negatively reviewed the mod on a whole except for.......


On the test sample I received the Down Arrow didn't function at all with any macros.  This may not be universal, I don't know.  When I sent a email to the "questions" address provided, I got 0 reply 24 hours later.  This is a major flaw, because this rules out the feasibility of any macros that use multi direction inputs.(for instance a simple set of macros I tried to program was 1 button login/logout for all the profiles on my 360 these failed when directional inputs failed to be sent properly)  Not only that but little to no customer support, to a reviewer no less, doesn't bode well for the average user.  Also causing my to give them a negative rating here as this is a example of either their FW, or their install abilities, which is worth reviewing since they now sell the Wolf Mod Board pre-installed.  Since they never got back, I don't know where the exact issue lies.  I do know the GUI's test function shows everything working.

"- Play old classic games from PS3/Xbox 360 market place with your PC Keyboard/Mouse or Android device"
This also failed to work well, using the mouse means clicking on the picture of the button you want to hit.  9/10 times this resulted in the board recognizing a command but no actual command being sent through the controller to the system.  Out of 30-40 different input attempts,  I got 2 successful.

Major flaws also include the mod board turning off if you plug in the Charge and Play cable, (thanks steveo187 for the heads up on this)  I did verify that it's true.  The controller is prone to dropping connection's via blue tooth, and the range of blue tooth is severely limited. (mine lost total connection about 5ft or roughly 2.8 meters from my PC)

All this said, the Wolf Controller has the potential to be a awesome mod board, provided the flaws and issues I bring up are fixed,  but as it stands now it feels more like a test build they are passing off as a complete product, and I have serious concerns about their ability to provide decent install jobs consistently. Also I take a little offense to their claim you can play using Keyboard and mouse, and their customer service really needs to improve.

End Result
Like I mentioned earlier, as a light mod board it works amazing however a price of $60 is a bit extreme for a simple feature like LEDS, as a rapid fire/macros mod my controller fell flat.  Like I said it feels more like a test build they are passing off as a complete product.  Serious bug-fixing and overhauls need to happen before I can stand behind and recommend this Mod.

This review was done using the latest FW and software on their site as of May 2nd 2013.


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iv checked home page and took a view at same controller,

i didn't get the very bottom part of review : Installation requires soldering on Xbox 360.

which part exactly is soldered ? i think i missed something on reading it all lol

either way looks kinda good promising controller not mentioning ugly sides lol


ps. nice review thanks for sharing

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You can buy the mod board by itself if you already have a 360 controller you want to use.  On the 360 you have to solder that board to the controller.  They also sell pre modded controllers.  But I can't recommend you get either.

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