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Crash when browsing with CoverFlow

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First thanks for FSD 3 ;)

Currently i have only one problem (scanning all type of content work like a charm, auto-downloading asset too etc...).

When i browse xbla or Xbox 360 i encounter crash. FSD do nothing, no http, no ftp, no asset downloading, just browsing game.

I the crash log, i have always the same thing at end :

23:00:36.720|Debug|F9000074|Unhandled exception occured... dumping log

23:00:36.728|TextureCAche|F9000078|Retval was 8007000E

I join the last crash log (2 or 3), with stack, and debug.log, hope than can help to fix the bug.

Edit (Additional info) :

After i enter a section (eg. Xbox 360), if i wait like 1 minutes, i can browse game indefinitly without having any crash. It seem the crash appear when loading cover image and i browse the same time.

Bye and keep up the (DAMN SO VERY GOOD) work :)


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