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[UPDATE 5] - PS3Ultimate TV App v1.08 - TV and Movies on Your CFW PS3

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Developer RazorX is back again with yet another update to his PS3Ultimate TV App. Added in this update is HFS HTTP File Server. This will allow you to copy files and stream video to your PS3. Also added are some new channels for you to enjoy! Take a look below for further details.

Update #5:

Added new channels

Added HFS (more info below)

Added/updated movies

Removed icons from this and future updates to prevent overwriting theme

Added "standard theme" so icons can be restored to normal

HFS Info:

HFS aka HFS HTTP File Server will give you the ability to copy files to

your ps3 and stream videos directly to your ps3 it also can be used for much more than this but this is what i use it for also with the modification

i have made you will be able to upload videos you have on your ps3 to

your pc.

i have set everything up for you it should be a simple matter of loading

HFS up and adding your files to it you will also need to create a Upload folder on your pc and drag it over onto HFS and right click the folder

and set it up as a upload directory so you can upload pictures and with

my mod videos from your ps3 to your pc.

ive set the HFS website up as localhost if this doesnt work change

localhost to your pc's ip address for example change localhost to and everything should work perfectly to make it easier

for you to change the ip address ive set it up so it reads the website address from the root of your ps3's hdd so please put the hfs.xml

in the root of your ps3's hdd so basically it should be put in /dev_hdd0/

this will allow you to easily remember were it is if you need to change

the ip address.

here are the files:



PS3Ultimate TV Video Bypass

the PS3Ultimate TV Video Bypass contains the dev_flash~vsh~resource~explore~xmb.zip which you install using multiman this will allow you to upload your videos from your ps3 to your pc.


Tv Section (TV) Original.zip

Tv Section (TV).zip

Tv Section (VIDEO) Original.zip

Tv Section (VIDEO).zip

PS3Ultimate TV v1.08 Update.rar

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