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PACMAN COLORS is a Original PACMAN clone with some neon lights and a grid that makes the game slightly more difficult.

A few Achievements to Obtain.

Releasing this today as it is Xbox 20th anniversary!(g)

PACMAN COLORS CONTENT PACKAGE: https://mega.nz/file/pH5UwR6I#gMmAR_k3dQGN9kxUqvKSoLCcu0zxuvbqLKNUIx3zz4A
PACMAN COLORS LOOSE FILES: https://mega.nz/file/8Toi1DgA#8jWvhY8jFWJmcaZ_JBWAXLnnw9NKRCtRou622Hqn-8o



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This looks nice and the soundtrack is cool but for me pac-man is about tight controls.  The controls are stiff, not always responsive and ruins the game for me - if these could be tightened then this would be a lovely indie addition to an RGH machine.

The controls in Intensively Snake seem to be tighter than this.

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