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Be carefull using dashlaunch

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[ Fixed ]

I was messing with the dashlaunch config to make system link work, but I couldn't.

I configurated things so wrongly that my Xbox wouldn't read memory properly:

• When I try opening Naruto Storm Revolution, when  I choose storage device, it would load the game and right after, Blasckscreen turn off.

• When I try opening up BO III it just show not possible to find correct files to open DLC ( meaning also the storage devices has something  wrong ).

Thanks to the heaven, I had a Launch.ini file backup in my Pc, The file with the original configuration that came with my HD; So I just pasted the backup in my HD and it's fixed.

Note: I still can't play on system link


Details: Xbox RGH ( Freestyle 3.0 775, dashlaunch 3.21, Kernel: 2.0.17526.0 )

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Forgot to tell details.

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