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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. First of all thanks to all the devs team for their great work with aurora. I have been really happy with it. now the issue: I updated my xbox 360 to the latest aurora and found something. In the last version before I updated when I went to -file manager-hdd1-Content- I could see the name of the game right by the side of the title id number (ex. 425307F4 [the evil within] ), in this last update all there is are the numbers. I had to go online and find which Id was the one I was needing to find some saves. I just want to know if there's something I need to do in order to make the names appear, or if it's a feature that has been disabled. I think is great being able to know the name game in file manager. Makes finding anything much simpler. i hope someone answers. Thanks in advance. Greetings from Colombia.
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