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  1. Alright so today I made a big step (not really) towards to finish the program. I made a lot of research: Thanks to felida I realized that GODs, XBLAs and DLCs are all having the tittle name in them. What is funny and would make things easier is that they all have the tittle names at the same place. To be exact they start at offset: 0x00001691. Also before making this discovery I looked at some Utility scripts and found an url. With the url and an online JSON to exel decoder I was able to get the full Unity database. So right now I have to ways to make this program. Hopefully at least one of the two methods will work. Now I am looking for ways to implement(<- is that the correct word?) them into C#. I am very excited.
  2. Alright I decided to have the database on the local machine. So where can I find it? Also whats about this tool? Did you found the code?
  3. I was thinking about it and something came into my mind... What if the folder contains a DLC? Are they also containing the name of the game or they just contain their name but not the games. Do you know anything about it?
  4. What do you think? Which one is easier to program in C# (because I haven't really programmed anything including tables and I don't know how complicated it is to read the game name from the file itself) ?To check a table or to read it from the file.
  5. Hello everyone, Just a quick introduction. I am form Hungary (so sorry for my English). I have an RGH xbox and I usually transfer games and DLCs to the box. Thats why I want to make this tool/extension. What I want to do: Make an extension for file explorer in windows that helps to find out what game is behind a Tittle ID. To make it more specific, if you have a folder and its name is <Tittle ID> in the tooltip it will print out the name of the game. (Tooltip appears when you hover your mouse over an element in file explorer.) I have already found out I need to use Shell extensions and found a really cool project on GitHub called SharpShell (https://github.com/dwmkerr/sharpshell). In what I need your help: I need some kind of list about games and their title IDs. I would be very happy to get access to Unity's list . Later on I am sure I am going to ask more questions. Please let me know if any of you ever made a thing like that. I am also planning to upgrade the application when it's ready so this is only the first stage. Thanks, DrSon
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