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  1. I've also found that I cannot customize the default skin except for scene, background, and the two checkbox options. Colors stay blue and yellow no matter what colors I set the menus to.
  2. I'm on beta 402, and it won't save my JQE360 password. Is this normal? Also, my girlfriend has internet through SureWest, which sucks because they use crappy modems and routers, and they lock the settings so we can't change them, at all. So I don't know what ports are already forwarded, I just know that even the defaults fail to work. Any suggestions? EDIT: Through some sneaky tactics I found the password through Javascript code, ha! So I got into the router settings and enabled UPNP, then tried adding port 80 to the port forwarding settings, and I'm still getting falis on both TCP and UDP. How do I fix this? EDIT: Ok, I went with the default ports, 3071 and 3072, and though they failed, I can still connect and see my network info, though I was the only host game (or in this case, "Public Room") available. I guess I should try a more recent, popular game like Halo 4 or something.... Yep, I see other people. Oh, this doesn't work with XBLA or Xbox Classics, does it?
  3. Yeah, I had a feeling it wouldn't work. And I had some trouble getting it to work with FSD 2.2 as it was.
  4. Yeah, transters keep on freezing part-way through. Copying it via USB works, and doesn't take too long, either. I'll look into the database. If I can edit it PC-side, then back it up, I won't have to do it again if I ever need to start from scratch again.
  5. When I edit it via tthe WebUI, the description gets truncated or deleted entirely. It won't save it even if I copy it beforehand and try to paste it back in, the result is the same. When it reloads after saving it, the description is gone or half-deleted. I've tried looking for the database file, what is it called? I got the Xbox360 drives to map, finally, though transfer speeds are pathetic via Windows, and Content Manager fails or gets stuck half the time. I think it's because our router sucks balls. Maybe I could just copy the DLC to the USB drive then copy it over via the FSD file manager. That should work, right?
  6. I'm not bitching, if I came across that way I apologize. I know you're not paid to do this. I had thought that the default.xex files may have the names, though any searching regarding hex editing them or changing the names turned up nil. Guess I'll just have to live with it. I have my jqe360 account set up, which didn't affect Xbox1 covers at all before. I used to have to set them up myself, so it's nice that some of them actually downloaded automatically. The ones that don't have covers, well, I have those stored somewhere on this computer, so I'll take your suggestion and upload those, since F3 can actually access them now. I hadn't thought of doing that before. So the Samba share needs to be enabled to map the harddrives as network drives? Hmmm... I thought it was enabled, but I'll check again. It never asked me for a user/pass before, so that's where I got stuck. Sorry if I came across as a whiner. I do appreciate your help, and I think that covers at least three of my problems. Well, if the Samba share thing works, that is.
  7. Ok, that's just lame. Where is the support here? I see plenty of other threads got replies.
  8. It's been three days and not a single reply?
  9. So today I did a clean install of FSD3, and I noticed a few quirks. One is, when I edit game info in the FSD WebUI, sometimes the description is cut short, meaning the first half of it disappears, sometimes nearly all of it. I think it only does it when I edit the game name. Which brings me to the next annoyance. Is there any way to edit the game's data to store the name correctly? I ask because whenever I have to wipe the database for any reason, a lot of the names default to weird things, like Rocksmith shows up under the name "GRIN," Tales of Vesperia has its title in Japanese, and the Resident Evil games (4, 5, and 6) show up as "BIOHAZARD." Most games just have the titles in all caps, or just shortened names, which irritates me. And don't get me started on the Xbox Classics. Half of them don't even have info or images. I'm surprised ANY of them do, since FSD 2 never supported downloading images of Xbox1 games. Other than that, I've only had one crash. I'll keep you guys updated if I find more bugs or think of any other suggestions. Actually, I should mention, that while the WebUI is more responsive than before, it tends to freeze or crash the Xbox more often. And despite numerous attempts to save the game description, it nearly always cuts most of it out leaving the last few words. Very annoying. Also, it appears the ability to map my internal and USB disks as network drives under Windows 7 is gone. I used to be able to add xboxipaddressHDD1 and ""USB0 and it would enable me to drag and drop files just like an ordinary folder. Now, it keeps asking me for a user name and password, and I even changed them in the FSD settings, but it won't connect. What happened to that?
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