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  1. Well, tried resetting the skin data and test the backgrounds again, the problem continues and is non existing with all other skins, it seems as if it's some specific games though with the problem, the strangest of the all is a 3 Disc game that have 1 disc showing the background and the other 2 don't show, again, works perfect on any other skin. here are some of the game names I've seen the background problem with: Final Fantasy XIII (disc 1 shows, 2 & 3 don't), Final Fantasy XIII-2, Forza Motorsport 3 & 4. There were others too, I just can't remember the names off the top of my head Bottom line is, if the problem persist, no matter what I do and is only with this skin, it got to be a problem with the skin. Also, if I didn't mention it before, my FSD3 is freshly re-installed after it got corrupted during a transfer from an old USB drive to a new one, so it's not an FSD3 problem, beside, again, as I said, it's only this skin that gives me the backgrounds problem. I think this issue need a more thorough look.
  2. Fine, if you insist it's not a problem with the skin, I guess I'll just have to try and reset the skin data again, either it helps and you're right or it won't help and it is a rare problem with the skin that you can't find.
  3. Again, not probable, all backgrounds works perfectly on any other skin I tried, I might be new to the forums but I'm not new to using FSD & skins, I've been doing it for a quite a while. I will say this, I don't remember having the problem when I was using version 2.3 of the skin, that was obviously prior to using the latest FSD 3 version. Having said that, all other skins I tried and worked fine, well, I didn't have previous versions of them.
  4. So how do you explain that I worked for hours with webui to edit stuff with the default skin and it never froze and when I used your skin it froze every few minutes? I could understand and accept what you say if it was an occasional freezing but not every 3-5 minutes while it never happened to me with the default skin. as for the backgrounds, I'll appreciate if you take a look at that, thank you for your time.
  5. I've got a strange problem with the webui when I use this skin, the console keeps freezing while I'm editing game covers through the webui, it dosn't freeze when I do the same with the default skin, too bad, I really love the way the skin looks and all the customization options available in it, any ideas what could be causing such a problem? Also, for many of the games, the background picture in the details view of the game won't show, it will just show the skin background instead of the game background and I made sure a background is indeed set for those games.
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