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  1. Just now, Dr.Gonzo said:


    Like I said its a connection problem. You are not the first user with this issue on rms. ;)


    ok, then what should i do now. how do i know if is it really working or not. is this a general network error or just on my xbox? (PS:my internet is working on freestyle and also working well on my ipad, cellphone and pc)

  2. Just now, Dr.Gonzo said:



    In most cases its a connection error. Did you try to reboot your Modem/Router and/or assigned another ip to your Xbox 360 ?



    my internet is working well, but when i try to download covers, the thing is working really well, the covers are actually downloading but there are not available in aurora. covers are downloading now but not working

  3. im connected now but i cannot get an api key for updates. i also downloaded game covers but there are not covers, game covers were downloaded but are not working


    10 hours ago, Mattie said:

    login/api key is not required for covers


    though pretty sure that if covers are available in f3, those 2 are already correct....


    Can you provide logging? espesially when you REFRESH the artwork?

    my login name is Sonikku

  4. 2 hours ago, salah.rgh2 said:

    Are you sure the settings of Aurora ...like  Login  ..... API Key ...And settings DASHLAUNCH 

    maybe not, ill check it out later


    2 hours ago, Swizzy said:

    Step 1. Check that the games actually have covers on xboxunity.net

    Step 2. Make sure livestrong is NOT enabled in dashlaunch (and that you have dashlaunch installed in the first place)

    If both of these steps are OK, i have no idea what the problem is...

    i think you are right, i dont have dashlaunch installed at the first place, ill check it out later, thanks

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